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Our roots are deep and strong. Like those of an olive tree.
Our roots are deep and strong. Like those of an olive tree. Time-honored traditions and family values live in the heart of our land and inspire us at every step. Yet, our eyes are always set on the future. On new challenges and perspectives that transcend boundaries to embrace the world. Throughout this journey, the olive tree and its precious gifts have been our constant heartbeat, a lasting symbol of our heritage and vision.
Our products
Our products

Traveling around the world

All our products testify to a long tradition of excellence in agriculture. Our olive oils are cold pressed using only mechanical means of extraction, without heat or chemicals, and are kept in refrigerated stainless steel tanks to preserve their valuable nutrients and taste characteristics.

50 years of passion

Our story is a story of devotion and love for the land of Argolis. It starts about fifty years ago, in 1973, when brothers Thodoris and Zois Faklaris set up their first olive oil mill in Skafidaki, the village where they were born and raised their family.

The Story of our Land

Argolis is a world in itself. Embraced by tall mountains and blessed with vineyards, citrus arbors and lush olive groves, the Argolic countryside is a magnetic place ruled by the eternal rhythms of the Greek landscape. Here, nature and humankind, tradition and modern life meet at a crossroads of civilization and history.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Widely acknowledged for its nutritional, dietary, and biological value, olive oil ranks among the ten most beneficial foods. Scientific research has shown that it reduces cholesterol levels, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, improves arterial function, and boosts mental faculties.