The crown jewel of our olive oil collection

Why F

The crown jewel of our olive oil collection that reflects the accumulated knowledge and experience of the Faklaris family in all stages of the production process.
Sourced from our sixty-year old privately owned groves in Argolis, this organic EVOO is a gift to true olive oil aficionados.

Products F

  • F Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mediterranean Diet

Perfectly balanced and with ideal chemical composition, the natural juice of the olive has for centuries been a source of longevity and wellbeing across the Mediterranean basin. The traditional Mediterranean diet, which in recent decades has become a global model of healthy eating habits and an inspiration for adopting an active lifestyle, uses olive oil as one of its staple ingredients.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Widely acknowledged for its nutritional, dietary, and biological value, olive oil ranks among the ten most beneficial foods. Scientific research has shown that it reduces cholesterol levels, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, improves arterial function, and boosts mental faculties.