Why Famelia

The accumulated experience and the direct knowledge and contact with the olive products are the main characteristics of our work.
All our olive oils are produced exclusively by the process of cold pressing at a controlled temperature and controlled kneading time, while all our olive oils are stored in stainless steel cooled tanks in the absence of oxygen, in places with ideal storage conditions.

Products Famelia

The Cuisine of our place

The strong roots, the stable values, the continuous investments, and above all the deep knowledge, love and respect for the olive and its precious fruit, have established the Faklaris brand in the world market. Guided by quality, growth and innovation, we are dynamically expanding our international presence, being a worthy ambassador of Greek olive oil on five continents.


Argolida is a special, special world. Embraced by high mountains and overgrown with vines, oranges and olive trees, the Argolic plain is a magical place that follows the harmonious rhythms of the ancient Greek landscape. Here, nature and man, tradition and modern life meet at a timeless crossroads of history and culture.